FREEUP+ is a foundation founded on integration and discrimination.

Foundation Introduction

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Our foundation is located in Vietnam.
Our foundation is a foundation that operates an integrated platform of blockchain.
We want to analyze the needs of the blockchain market and users for a long time, solve inconveniences and difficulties, and create and provide a new world based on convenience, convenience, ease, universality, and rationality. We provide you with a next-generation platform and system where USER and foundation become one and USER creates foundation.
FREEUP+ Freedom of time, material freedom, freedom of life Take all these freedoms to the next level!

foundation leader

Graduated from Vietnam Law School.
Vietnam Real Estate Investment and Development.
Cryptocurrency Arbitrage.
Corporate advisory and consulting investment.
Established FREEUP+ virtual currency exchange.

Introducing the new world of Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange.
Profit creation for the protagonists of the new world


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Application of incineration system

FREEUP+ serves various platforms on one integrated platform.


Our FreeUp+ OTC Market is a decentralized peer-to-peer brokerage.
International individual transactions and domestic individual transactions are possible.
For international individual transactions, ppay serves as an escrow,
It will be converted into your local currency. In the case of individual transactions between countries, transactions between individuals can be made in the national currency.
When trading in the OTC Market, fees are paid by ppay and are borne by the seller.
The fee is higher than that of the exchange, but the convenience of exchanging in the local currency, the privacy of personal information, and the confidentiality of transaction information are advantages.

FREEUP+ USDT Trading Agency

Many countries have a lot of difficulties to buy USDT. Sign up for an overseas exchange and insert a major coin here to purchase and use USDT.
The difficulty and complexity of this process will be handled by the agency. You can purchase with an ID registered to the exchange, and we provide a service that allows you to purchase and sell offline.
USDT is required to use the FMC mining system.

FREEUP+ Currency Exchange

Forex trading is what happens when you send real money abroad. The problem is that many people are experiencing inconvenience and loss due to the Foreign Exchange Transactions Act and high fees.
To solve this problem, we apply a system that remits and exchanges PPAY. If you trade PPAY by matching the amount of both countries and the ratio of total amount to quantity, there will be no problem. Low fees and legal problem
solving are the key, and the fee is used as PPAY to create additional revenue through incineration.
We plan to link it with the future manpower transfer business.
Transfer transfer and withdrawal fees are PPAY, 70% are incinerated, and 30% are used for operating expenses of the platform and foundation.


We allow many different games to be enjoyed within the exchange.
All costs and fees will be paid in PPAY.
The types of games are Mining Game, Tournament Hold'em. We want to contribute to fun and profit by continuously combining various games such as various board games and sipping games.
70% of the fees generated from the game will be incinerated, and 30% will be used for operating expenses of the foundation and the platform.

FREEUP+ Mining System

Development in FREEUP+ is a system applied to the game to make coin FMC fun and easy to mine.
The mining of this system is a system that mines for a fixed period at a certain cost. The mined FMC can be swapped at any time on the exchange, and it is made possible to exchange it into the local currency. It is a profit
model of high productivity and compound interest with low mining cost.

PPAY Story

Total quantity of PPAY issued: 77,000,000 PPAY / $1

Characteristics: It is a PAY developed with blockchain technology, and the reflection of the market price creates a price based on the ratio between the required quantity and the distribution quantity, not a transaction.
In addition, 70% of the amount sold during the black sale and the 1st to 5th ICO period will be incinerated, and 30% will be distributed to the foundation, developers and founders. If the number sold increases, the 30% allocated quantity will be reduced, and the 30% quantity will be unlocked in December 2024. All PPAY required by the platform is the quantity of participants purchased in advance, and members will sell on exchanges and OTC Markets.
Members are the backbone of the platform's transactions. In addition, due to the 70% incineration system of fees generated on each platform, the number of circulation gradually decreases, and it has a structure that is less than the amount required by the platform.

PPAY of Advantages

1) A limited quantity is used as the base currency and used as the base currency and fees in each service.
2) Market effect from burning 70% of PPAY used as fees in various services
3) Securing members through automatic member acquisition in each service and advertising and promotion strategies
4) Usually, after issuing coins and PAY, the distribution amount of the foundation or company is subtracted, and a certain amount is ICO and pre-sale. And we will continue to sell while operating with the remaining quantity. As a result, benefits for those who purchased in advance will be reduced or damaged. However, PPAY will pre-sell all quantities and the company will only retain 30% of the remaining quantity. In addition, due to incineration of 70% of the remaining quantity, only the pre-sold quantity remains as the quantity that is distributed and sold. This will have a structure in which pre-purchased members become the center of transactions, and the amount used for the base and fees of the platform operated by the foundation becomes the center. PPAY held by members is created by members, and it can be considered that they indirectly participate in and become owners of the foundation's operation.
5) In order to prevent a sharp increase in the sales volume of pre-sold quantities of some malicious members and participants, the foundation unlocks (can be distributed) by 10% of the quantity held by the member for 10 days starting from July 2023, one month after the member holds it. made it

6) Actual revenue generated: From September 2023, when the mining (FMC) system is applied
7) Long-term Profits: January 2024 (exchange grand opening), June 2024 (all services grand opening) - Holder sales become mandatory due to increase in PPAY buyers

FMC& Mining Stroy

500 Account

250 Account

100 Account

50 Account

500 Total Account

250 Total Account

100 Total Account

50 Total Account

1) FMC Mining Cryptocurrency Total quantity: 99,900,000 FMC / initial market price of $2 If the quantity is insufficient due to the incineration of PPAY, FMC is replaced with the key and fee for all services in the platform Existing PPAY holders swap with FMC by applying the market price
2) PPAY is required to mine FMC coins (for FMC purchase – holders buy it right away)
3) Create an FMC account (500, 250, 100, 50FMC account) - mine daily for 60 days and earn up to 50% profit
4) The mined FMC is swapped at the exchange and exchanged at the domestic exchange, exchanged at the OTC market, exchanged at the USDT agency, or additional account creation and additional mining with the mined quantity (compound. compound interest)
5) PPAY and FMC are required when a new miner is created – the holder is the existing member and miner, so the transaction is smooth.
6) Mining quantity by account

500 Fmc

  • mining period 60
  • Mined quantity 1 day / Incinerated quantit 12.5 / 0.75
  • Actual mined quantity 1 day 11.75
  • Total amount mined in period 750 / 705
  • Mining Profit Ratio 50%


  • mining period 60
  • Mined quantity 1 day / Incinerated quantit 6.04 / 0.36
  • Actual mined quantity 1 day 5.679
  • Total amount mined in period 362.5 / 340.75
  • Mining Profit Ratio 45%


  • mining period 60
  • Mined quantity 1 day / Incinerated quantit 2.33 / 0.14
  • Actual mined quantity 1 day 2.193
  • Total amount mined in period 140 / 131.6
  • Mining Profit Ratio 40%


  • mining period 60
  • Mined quantity 1 day / Incinerated quantit 1.125/ 0.0675
  • Actual mined quantity 1 day 1.0575
  • Total amount mined in period 67.5 / 63.45
  • Mining Profit Ratio 35%

If game mining is not done or mining conditions are not met, there is no mining on that day..
Even if the game is not played after account creation, the FMC of the account is all destroyed due to mining costs.
The maximum number of mining accounts per person is 5, and 20 PPAY can be burned when adding 1 account.
The mined quantity can be sold on the exchange at any time, and can be used as an account (mining cost).

7) Referral Reward & FREEUP+ Branch Manager

My Fmc Account 500

Intoduced Miner Account 50 100 250 500
1 Level 4% 2 4 10 20
2 Level 3% 1.5 3 7.5 15
3 Level~10 Level 1% 0.5 1 2.5 5
If you have more than 100 cumulative accounts or if the total number of accounts up to level 3 is 100

My Fmc Account 250

Intoduced Miner Account 50 100 250 500
1 Level 4% 2 4 10 10
2 Level 3% 1.5 3 7.5 7.5
3 Level~10 Level 1% 0.5 1 2.5 2.5
If you have more than 200 cumulative accounts or if the total number of accounts up to level 3 is 200

My Fmc Account 100

Intoduced Miner Account 50 100 250 500
1 Level 4% 2 4 4 4
2 Level 3% 1.5 3 3 3
3 Level~10 Level 1% 0.5 1 1 1

My Fmc Account 50

Intoduced Miner Account 50 100 250 500
1 Level 4% 2 2 2 2
2 Level 3% 1.5 1.5 1.5 1.5
3 Level~10 Level 1% 0.5 0.5 0.5 0.5

8) Table of earnings when mining by account

500 Accounts

  • USDT Transfer 1027.6 USDT(1,335,880)
  • Mining(60 days) 750 FMC
  • Usdt cryptocurrency exchange 1,757,116
  • OTC (seller fee 2.5%) 1,742,674
  • USDT Agency (agency fee 2.4%) 1,744,462

250 Accounts

  • USDT Transfer 514 USDT(668,200)
  • Mining(60 days) 350 FMC
  • Usdt cryptocurrency exchange $653.29(849,273)
  • OTC (seller fee 2.5%) $647.92(842,293)
  • USDT Agency (agency fee 2.4%) $648.58(843,156)

100 Accounts

  • USDT Transfer 205.7 USDT(267,410)
  • Mining(60 days) 130 FMC
  • Usdt cryptocurrency exchange $252.3(327,995)
  • OTC (seller fee 2.5%) $250.23(325,299)
  • USDT Agency (agency fee 2.4%) $250.46(325,593)

50 Accounts

  • USDT Transfer 102.8 USDT(133.640)
  • Mining(60 days) 62.5 FMC
  • Usdt cryptocurrency exchange $121.65(158,140)
  • OTC (seller fee 2.5%) $120.65(156,841)
  • USDT Agency (agency fee 2.4%) $120.77(157,002)

[Mining burn, swap. transfer. When withdrawal fee is applied] [Example table for USDT $1, PPAY $1 FMC $2]
When operating multiple accounts, you can operate more accounts with the amount of mining and generate more profits.

9) Fees & Incineration

PPAY is required to purchase FMC, and the value increases due to incineration for each transaction.
Due to FMC mining, the increase in holdings and the effect of scarcity and value increase due to incineration at every transaction and transfer.
Expected effects from FMC's planned key year

10) Setting the maximum daily mining quantity limit (limiting the quantity per account)
If the maximum quantity is exceeded, apply for a mining account again the next day (in the order of account application – only on the same day)

11) Etc
If each sale section is achieved early, the next sale schedule will be moved forward.
If the sale period is advanced, the business and opening of each platform will also be advanced.


1st Profit: PPAY additionally paid during Black Sale ~ 5th ICO period
Secondary profit: 10% of sales revenue sold in units of 10 days after 30 days from the purchase date (sales of additional payment quantity)
3rd Revenue: Revenue generated from exchanges and mining in September – market price gains from PPAY sales and incineration and FMC’s mining revenue
4th Profit: Profit from PPAY sales required by the exchange officially opened in 2024
5th Revenue: PPAY sales revenue required for the platform officially opened from mid-2024
6th Revenue: Market profit reflected from PPAY that is burned due to service operation of all platforms
7th Profit: Market price profit of FMC replaced by PPAY incineration
Branch head revenue: Support revenue generated from the company's sales (3%/N)
All PPAY required by the platform are owned by members, and all sales are conducted by members.
All sales in the company are 30% commission
Mined FMC can be cashed out on exchanges and OTC, and when holding, FMC is replaced with platform currency and commissions, and seller's rights and sales revenue occur.

FREEUP+ Platform

PPAY wallet (used until September 2024)
USDT agency
consignment gift agency
Travel agency